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Meet the Team: Steve Sibra

Hi! My name is Steve Sibra and I am happy to be a member of the team that brings SuperMonsterCity to life.  We have a great group of people working on this project, with a vast diversity of talents and specialties.  It is exciting to be a part of it!

My role in SuperMonsterCity is as an “evaluator” (toy history and valuation primarily) and as a contributing writer.  I am the “out-of-towner” in the group – but I get to Minneapolis every chance I get, so that I can feel the excitement first hand.

I was born in the mid 1950s so my timing was right to be a member of the “monster kid generation.”  My geography wasn’t perfect for it however (I grew up on a small farm in a very small town in eastern Montana).  We didn’t get matinees to see the resurgence of the Universal Monsters on screen, and we didn’t have an opportunity to get much in the way of toys other than from the Sears Christmas Wish Book.  But I loved the monsters and the super-heroes and villains that I read about in comic books, so I did my best.

Comic books and toys have been a big part of my life from the beginning – in fact I have made my living for the past 30+ years buying and selling vintage comics.  I did take time out to get a college degree before I set myself on this path, but I think it was never in doubt.  I have collected toys throughout this entire period as well.  My small collection pales in comparison to my friend Dave Barnhill’s (let’s face it, whose doesn’t?) but these things help keep me feeling like a kid, so the magic is there.

I have experience as a writer as well, having written a number of articles for comic book related trade publications over the years.  Additionally I have had my poetry and short fiction published in about 20 different magazines including a number of literary periodicals such as The Amarath Review; Tramp; NRG; Paper Radio and Shattered Wig Review, to name just a few.

I live in Seattle with my wife Stacey and several animals of varying species.  We all keep each other on our toes and, hopefully, out of the dog house.

I am very proud to be a part of this great team and I hope you will check back with us regularly – we have a lot more monster and super-hero goodies on the way.

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ComicCon Sunday!

We met so many fantastic folks at the Con! Artists and creators and dealers and fans all. Today was a bit slower, which allowed us to have longer conversations with the folks that stopped by our booth. If we met you at the show, please stay in touch! We look forward to many more adventures together. By the way, occasionally we would hear Xena’s signature “yiyiyiyi!” scream and know…well, we never did figure out why she did that! It was wonderful to relax into the glorious chaos while shaking free from society’s shackles.

Below are some pictures of some characters we encountered – costumed and otherwise…

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MCBA 2014 Spring ComicCon

On May 17 we had a table at the Midwest Comic book Association Spring ComicCon. We had so much fun hanging out with Master Comic Book Trader Steven Sibra and other Superheroes, Villains, Monsters and their creators! Being on the seller side of the table is a whole new experience! For the first time I see a broader vision of the joy of pursuit and discovery, the passion for a character, the range of collector interests. We are a beautiful community!

Below are some photos of the deviants, troublemakers and creative souls who we enjoyed consorting with today.

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Our saga begins…

Monster & Toy Mayhem is the virtual home of toys, monsters, superheroes and villains.

Through exhibits, books and photographs, Monster & Toy Mayhem serves as an historical documentation of American creativity. America’s monsters and toys play a significant role in shaping and reflecting our society’s anxieties and hopes.

Monster & Toy Mayhem was started in 2012 as a collaborative project of childhood friends David Barnhill and Stephen Yogi Rueff.